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Perception Affects Self Confidence


We aren’t what we think we are, but what we THINK we are and in order to behave differently, you need to feel differently. Your thinking is important when it comes to self-confidence, but just as important is how you feel.

All of your behavior is driven by the emotional state that you are in. Think about it, how do you feel now as you are reading this? What mood are you in and do you see how this can affect how you respond to this blog post? One way to get more confidence in yourself is to learn to gain more control over your emotional state. Do you consider yourself a positive person? Have you ever noticed that you’re not so positive when you’re in a bad mood?

I’ve had this happen to me many times. I began my personal growth journey because I wanted to get control of my emotions and how I react to certain people, events, and situations. Unfortunately I am not positive all the time. However, I did learn how to set my emotions to be more positive, friendly and happy more often than not.

I’ve had days where I woke up and knew that I wasn’t in a good mood and knew that my ability to handle daily minutiae would be challenging. Sometimes it’s best to give yourself a break during the day and just be. While being still, intuitive thoughts and ideas can come to you for you to act on.

Some examples I have for better moods are:

The truth is how you feel is vital to your level of self-confidence. I know, bad things happen and sometimes it’s harder to shake off those bad moods, but most of your life should not be full of bad things.

Self – Hypnosis for Confidence

“The degree to which you will awaken is in direct proportion to the amount of truth you are willing to accept about yourself.

 The starting point of making any change begins by realizing that we are in a psychological prison created by our minds. Until we begin to realize how confined we are, we will not be able to find our way out. Neither will we be able to find our way out by struggling against the confines we have inherited from our parents, society, or our culture.

It’s only when we begin to examine and realize the false inner perceptions within our mind that we can begin to awaken an intelligence that originates from beyond the realm of thinking.

The key to making permanent positive change is to align your Conscious and Subconscious mind so they agree to bring you the changes you desire. If you do not do this, you will you will stay stuck where you are. It is in the re-patterning of your Subconscious mind that you will be able to undo what has been keeping you stuck.” – Dr. Robert Anthony

I ordered two of my affiliate partner’s Dr. Robert Anthony’s programs over the last month. One was Deliberate Creation Self-Hypnosis and the other program is The Self- Confidence Creator. I bought Deliberate Creation Self-Hypnosis program because I wanted to learn how to hypnotize myself to remove and replace limiting beliefs and behaviors.

The Self-Hypnosis program is a very base and simple program for beginner’s but there wasn’t anything in there that specifically helped me. I do enjoy the program and I like the feeling of going deep within and feeling very relaxed a peaceful.

But, I wanted more and while I was on Facebook, I saw on Dr. Robert Anthony’s page that he reduced his Self-Confidence Creator price so I clicked the link and ordered my copy. It’s only been a few days so I don’t have a lot to report about the program.

The main reason I bought the program was because I wanted to use the hypnosis portion with the assistance of Dr. Anthony. The programs were very reasonably priced, I paid I believe $70 for both so It’s definitely a low risk investment in my personal growth.

Self- Confidence and the Brain

The brain responds to whatever you tell it. Think about it, think of something that makes your heart smile, like a baby, a puppy or a kitten. If it helps, go on Pinterest and search for pictures of puppies and see how this changes the way you feel.

Your daily self-talk decides how you feel. What’s even worse, most people are not paying attention to what they are thinking anyway. There is a cure for this. How you feel – most often- is a result of the thoughts and internal dialogue you are having with yourself.

If you wake up and say, “Oh I hate going to my job,” how are you going to feel? Remember, what you say internal or external will be picked up by the body, and the body will respond accordingly. Affirmations work but the problem is you have to keep doing them and that gets tedious over time and the same goes with using willpower to control the way you act and behave.

Another quick trick I use to change my emotional state is the sit down and focus method. When my bioenergy/emotions are acting up I talk to it. Yes I do. I tell it, were not doing anything until you get yourself under control.

I know this sounds weird but it works. I got this idea from Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said that when he was training for Mr. Olympia, that he would talk to his muscles while working them out. Hey, if it works it works!

The Importance of Mood and Confidence

Whatever mood you’re in will determine what you see in reality. There is a mechanism in the brain called the “prover” and that’s its job. When you’re in a great mood your brain will tune into great things and tune out not so great things. The opposite is also true.

The state you are in at any given moment dramatically affects your thoughts, behaviors, perceptions, and beliefs. Many people want to blame the outside world for the way they feel, and this is true somewhat, however we are not victims of our emotional states.

If I had to really define success I would describe it as being self-confident. Self-Confidence is a state of mind and body, when people are self-confident they don’t have the desire to be a bother, burden or trouble for anyone else. Successful people direct their brains because they know if they do not, the brain will go on automatic pilot and direct itself; usually negatively. The secret is to learn how to take control of your emotional state.

I believe success is won on the spiritual plane and what I mean by spiritual is the unseen part of us. I can’t see your emotions but I can feel them by the way you act and speak.

Perception Self – Confidence

Your perceptions are affected by the way you feel and the way you feel will affect your self-confidence. Limitations are not formed by the conscious mind but rather the subconscious mind.

All of our body programming is being run through the subconscious mind, this includes digestion, our heart beating, healing abilities and even irrational fears and phobias. The conscious mind is not the decider of reality but it is the experiencer of it.

If you want to experience real change in your life then you would have to be able to change/reprogram your subconscious mind. All of the book reading, seminars and psychology are worthless for permanent change unless the subconscious mind is changed as well.

We only experience what we very strongly put our focus on and that is why it is so important that we place our attention on that which we want and desire. Why in the heck would we focus on things that make us feel bad and drag us down?

I would say that subconscious programming keeps us stuck in those patterns and until we do something about it nothing will change. As we learn to better connect with ourselves the easier it will be to witness that physical reality is not at all “fixed,” nor is it rigid.

The subconscious mind is the place that holds your feelings about particular, people, ideas, beliefs and so on. The subconscious is more than that of course.  Knowledge has little to do with change; the real change has to be changed on the emotional – subconscious level.

Every emotion is created by you. No one but you can control the way you feel.

The Metaphysical Universe is vibrational information – waveform- construct from which manifest all other levels of the virtual-reality universe, the electrical, chemical, digital and holographic. When people talk about the subconscious, or “going within,” they are talking about the vibrational/ waveform level of reality from which all form and things are decoded into manifestation.

It is the information blueprint of the virtual-reality universe and this is where everything is made to happen, or not to happen in the physical world of daily experience. You could think of the waveform level – the Metaphysical Universe as the movie projector, and the holographic “physical” world as the movie screen. Once the movie is being projected there is no changing it.” – David Icke


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